Your WHY is more important than goals

Wow it has been a minute since my last blog post! According to my social media calendar I am supposed to publish every Wednesday…I admire those people. You know, the ones that are so consistent. The ones that workout 5 days a week for years and eat so clean 7 days a week. I want to, I really do, but mid-week I find myself letting my inner squirrel rule and I am chasing the next nut. That is why the WHY matter so much. Goals, new year’s resolutions are GREAT. They are such good intentions and help us jump on a new road. After a while, who are we kidding after 4 days, the shiny just isn’t as shiny and we wane. However, the WHY that grabs us, it haunts us; it holds us accountable and reminds me what is at stake.

I have wanted a six pack for YEARS, it was a goal. But, cupcakes. Does anything else need to be said? Just once a week those little delicious palms sized moments in heaven become shinier than those abs. The thought that I want to be fit enough to defend my own life however, never fades. The fear of not being strong enough to take care of myself scares me more than my excuses to not show up and workout. That is my WHY, I am a survivor and I will keep surviving.

CrossFit in 2013 had mentally and physically prepared me to walk through hip deep oil and gas polluted water, watching animal’s dead float past me and dying next to me. Pushing forward, each step unable to see where my foot was going to land, in a hole, in barb wire, on the departed. It didn’t matter, I had to keep moving forward to face my home and everything I owned to see the carnage of loss. I clearly remember my mind grasping for hope and the thought “This is WHY I CrossFit, this is why I do what is hard in the gym so when I walk outside of it I can face what the world offers up.” That thought drove me forward, reminding me I was strong not only physically, but mentally. CrossFit had taught be every workout I could do things I didn’t think I could, I could keep moving when I didn’t think I could, I could rise up for one more rep when my mind wanted to bail. A gift  I am forever grateful I gave myself. The gift of strength and my WHY. What is your WHY? It will be the one thing that helps you show up, put in the work and when needed help you rise!

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