Why get in shape to get in shape?

I hear the response a lot “I am going to get in shape before I come to CrossFit.” I get it. It seems intimidating and scary. After all post childhood who jumps rope and does pull-ups?

CrossFitters get pocked at a lot for being a cult and “crazy” for what we do. Yet most of us show up every day and love it! You know we do though because you hear about it A LOT! LOL.

So many people are paralyzed though by the fear of not being able to do what we do and let’s just be frank, and are so scared to walk in a gym being the only over-weight person in the room and it is filled with ripped muscles and individuals doing things you only dream of. Well, the fairy tale isn’t true. At CrossFit Kairos we are YOU! We are everyday people gathering together to burn some calories, loose some fat and gain some hard earned muscle. We are size 4 to size 20, small to 4XL, 135lbs to 300+ lbs, 12 years old to 64 and we are all at different places on our fitness journey.

I am sure you are thinking so what, I still can’t do half of what I see people do on the internet! You are right you probably can’t and most of us can’t either, but we are working each day to be better. We offer 3 different options in our programming one of competitors, one for intermediates, and one for beginners. You can pick and choose whichever works best for you!! So as you get in better shape you can choose harder options if that is what you want! Trust me no one is too out of shape to do CrossFit, if you can walk across your room or sit on your toilet, then you are in enough shape to be really successful!

Don’t believe me? You get one class free, let’s see how out of shape your really are 🙂

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