What should I bring to my competition?

Hey friends!
I have a few friends that have checklist and packing lists and I LOVE THEM! Because that is not how my brain is wired, I show up with a water bottle and the clothes on my back and am like here I am. Mean while they save my butt, by packing sunscreen, food, sandals. So here is a short video from one of our very funny coaches Drew Dibler talking about what to bring to your competition.

Also, if your comp is on a Saturday, Wednesday should be your last hard day working out.Thursday and Friday are rest and recovery days. Take it easy go for walks, do some yoga, eat some rice/sweet potatoes and veggies and drink lots of water!

Here is a list from my friend Alyssa Royse, she pretty much nailed it!

Two big bags. My gym bag, and my food bag. You basically want to assume you’re going to the moon because it will be unorganized, running late and you will not likely be able to swing by some cute little café to get food.


– Lifting shoes
– WOD shoes
-slip-ons or slippers for after one round but before the next

– Weight belt
– Wrist Wraps
-Athletic Tape
-Knee Wraps
– Grips, if you use them!
– Jump Rope. You can warm up anywhere if you have one.

– Extra shirts (so you can get out of a wet one and have a dry one to put on)
– Extra socks (same)
-Extra shorts (yes, butt sweat is a thing)

FIRST AID (All of this goes in one big Ziploc, unless you’re too classy for that and have a nice bag for it)
– Assorted Band Aids (you will rip, I almost promise. Nerves make people grip too hard.)
– Alcohol Wipes
– Ointment Goop, if you’re into that sort of thing/ I prefer Tea Tree Oil (says Kim the hippie)
– Tylenol
– Ace Bandage
– Instant Ice Pack

PERSONAL STUFF (In another Ziploc, unless you’re fancy)
– Hair ties (keep one on your wrist during all workouts, in case the one in your hair breaks. – Trust me.)
– Hair band / headband thingie
– Hair clips
– Lip goo (heavy breathing dries lips)
– Pads (PEE!)
– Tampons

ELECTRONIC GEAR (You guessed it, another baggie)
– Charging cord and wall plug for your phone
– Fully charge Power stick (or two ) for your phone. (You’ll be there all day, and everyone will be wanting to charge their phone.)
-Mini Tripod for your phone so you can have video of your epic badassery. (A friend also works for this, and although not easily packable, can generally be counted on.)

– Small Foam Roller
– Lacrosse Balls (2)
– Tiger Balm type stuff for sore muscles

– Warm Jacket for between sets. Really, you want to stay warm, and most CF comps this time of year are in cold, unheated, places
– Warm Sweats
– Slippers (not joking, a pair of down booties will be your best friend)
– Down throw blanket so that you can huddle up between rounds

– Gym Towel
– Extra underwear / sports bra. Cleavage sweat just starts to feel rank once you’re not moving. (Also, PEE!)
– Camping Chair. (Sitting on the floor sucks. It just does. It’s hard. And cold. )


If you haven’t done this before, you don’t know if you’re one of those people who need more food, or less, under pressure. BUT, you WILL burn more calories when you’re competing than you usually do working out. Nervous energy gives you super powers in terms of performance, but drains your power reserves. Be over prepared with easy to eat and digest things.

SUPPLEMENTS (these are so easy to consume and digest. Even if you’re not a big supplement user, this is a great use of them. Just add water – or juice or coffee or chocolate milk -and you’re set.)
– Protein
– Electrolyte tablets of your choice

3 beverage bottles (Y’all know I’m addicted to Hydro Flasks, right? A blender ball fits in the wide mouth, so you don’t need a plastic blender bottle.)
– 1 for water
– 1 for your supplement stuff
– 1 for coffee (it is unimaginable to me that some people don’t drink coffee. All day.)

A thermos of coffee (like I just said.)

Nourishing Bars like Kize (We sell these at Kairos.)

Easy to eat food like cooked chicken and rice, avocados, cooked sausage or bacon, Nuts, fruit (if you do fruit), peanut / almond butter etc….. more than you think.

Utensils and a napkin

Baby Wipes. Seriously, you never know. If nothing else, you can wipe down a nasty toilet seat.

You are unlikely to want or be able to eat a big meal, but at the same time, you’re likely to be hungrier than usual. Look for foods that are simple, easily digested and have more fat, calories and protein than…. Than sugar. Y’all know I’m not big on sugar, but that’s doubly true on competition days. It just isn’t efficient, and I’m all about being efficient.

Don’t bring a big salad. Trust me. For so many reasons.

There ya go. It sounds like a lot, but I swear, it’s not. It’s really just the basics. And most of this stuff lives in your gym bag anyway, or should. 😉

Now, remember, the point of competing is almost never to win. The point is to give your all. It’s to feel the adrenaline and find out that you can do things you didn’t know you could do. It’s to feel so supported and encouraged and get a little high on the electricity of community. It’s to just push through and have fun, and be surprised.

So go have some FUN! That is why we pay to workout all day right? Is to have fun, compete and see where the holes in our fitness are.

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