What is chronic disease, are you dying from it? 70% of us are!

Living in a society where fast is king, immediate customer service, fast results and fast food. It is hard to escape it. We live in a state that is one of the sickest in the nation. So where am I going with this? 70% of the nation’s population is dying of chronic diseases.

So what are these chronic diseases? According to the research presented in this article: Booth, F. W., Roberts, C. K. and Laye, M. J. 2012. Lack of Exercise Is a Major Cause of Chronic Diseases. Comprehensive Physiology. 2:1143–1211.

Here is their list of 35 chronic conditions:
1) accelerated biological aging/premature death,
2) low cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2max),
3) sarcopenia,
4) metabolic syndrome,
5) obesity,
6) insulin resistance,
7) prediabetes,
8) type 2 diabetes,
9) nonalcoholic fatty liver disease,
10) coronary heart disease,
11) peripheral artery disease,
12) hypertension,
13) stroke,
14) congestive heart failure,
15) endothelial dysfunction,
16) arterial dyslipidemia,
17) hemostasis,
18) deep vein thrombosis,
19) cognitive dysfunction,
20) depression and anxiety,
21) osteoporosis,
22) osteoarthritis,
23) balance, bone fracture/falls,
24) rheumatoid arthritis,
25) colon cancer,
26) breast cancer,
27) endometrial cancer,
28) gestational diabetes,
29) pre-eclampsia,
30) polycystic ovary syndrome,
31) erectile dysfunction,
32) pain,
33) diverticulitis,
34) constipation,
35) gallbladder diseases

Sound familiar? What is sad is these are all for the most part preventable. Over 800 studies point to these chronic conditions being caused from lack of physical activity. This studied found that physical activity/exercise is examined as primary prevention against ALL 35 of these!

As a community of Ada, state of Oklahoma and Country we have to wake up and realize our food and lifestyle is killing us and our children. There is too much scientific research out there to argue this. Our fast food, busy sedentary lives are costing us billions of dollars a year in medical expenses/insurance and costing our children their lives and the gift of enjoying their parents long into old age.

Chronic conditions are willful acts. We are choosing things that are killing us. So to fix this, we have to decide to choose different.

It is hard though, like I started with we live in a fast food society. We are busy, we are addicted to food additives so real food doesn’t taste as good, we are tired, and we are just too overwhelmed with where to begin. I get it. But I care too much to let it remain as our mantra. Health care, the government, and our mom’s aren’t going to heal us. We are, me and you!

I may own a gym, but CrossFit isn’t an exercise program we are a fitness business. Our aim is education and empowerment. Help our community learn how to eat real food and what fake food is doing to us, help our friends become active and have fun doing it, help our families live healthier less medicated lives. That is our business, to bring health to Ada.

Lot’s of people say I have fully drunk the Kool-aid, they are right. I LOVE Coach Greg Glassman, I don’t have hero’s but this man is one of mine. He is a genius. With research prove me wrong. I have spent almost two decades in this field, so many college credit hours, multiple universities, studying Exercise Physiology and no one has hit the nail on the head like this man. To quote Glassman “We have an elegant solution to the world’s most vexing problem that could be optimal” I believe this.

I have seen it with some of our members here in your own community, they don’t have to take pain meds for chronic pain, they got to get of their blood pressure medicine, they feel so much better and have more energy.

It is time. It is time for you to take your health and life into your own hands and choose what is good. As usual we are here to help, we promise to stand beside you each step of the journey!

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