Tired of being Tired…

Let’s just start this blog post out with stating the obvious, I Kimberly Owens, am not a doctor, I am just an over educated gym owner with years of experience and knowledge in the health and wellness field. So please always check with your medical professional before we go all Web-Md self-diagnosing, LOL.

Ok now that is over let’s talk about being tired all the time. Like when you wake up, you are tired from sleeping kind of tired. That kind of tired that coffee doesn’t help and all you want to do is sleep. The kind of tired your brain clicks away at a snail’s pace in a fog OR racing like a race horse and never shuts off. The kind of tired your eyes feel heavy and blinking is exhausting, where you don’t want to do ANYTHING. That kind of fatigue and tiredness sucks the life out of you, emotionally you are spent and you find yourself either wanting to cry, scream, punch someone in the face or curl up under your desk and just suck your thumb. This kind of fatigue sucks us into a viscous downward spiral; where no matter what we do or try we just never can shack it.

Want to know where the problem lies? STRESS. That six letter word is far worse than the four letter word we scold our kids for saying. It eats away at our health and quality of life slowly each day, just like cancer. Which btw, it is linked to cancer. With too much stress over lengthy periods of time our body stops working as efficiently, sleep quality dissipates and our mental and physical health deteriorates. There is a label out there for this state: Adrenal Fatigue. Some professionals in the medical field acknowledge it and some do not. Regardless it is not something we want to strive to acquire. Adrenals are two glands that work with other glands to form our endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for regulation of digestion, mood, immune system function, metabolism, energy levels and our body’s reaction to stress. If we stay in a state of prolonged stress the delicate balance of hormones is disrupted; health issues arise such as the following: elevated blood sugar, inflammation, breakdown of muscle, weakened bones, poor immune system function, inhibition of reproductive function and more.

So how do we combat this, after all we live in a HIGH stress world? First, work with you physician see if they can recommend some vitamins or supplements to help support your system. Vitamin C, Fish Oil, and B-Complex are all great system supporters in times of high stress. FOOD what we eat either contributes to health or sickness. All the things we crave during these times like carbs, sugar, processed foods, caffeine are all adding to this viscous cycle. They contribute to the problem. Eating ¾ of your plate at lunch and dinner of vegetables, ¼ of your plate lean meat, and thumb size healthy fat (coconut oil, olive oil, olives, avocados, nuts, and seeds) will be the quickest way to jump start you back on the road to energy. Vegetables and fruits are our healing foods filled with vitamins and minerals our bodies need to heal. Oh and btw WATER, drinking water really is a miracle drug shoot for at least ½ a gallon to a gallon a day.
BREATHE breathing deeply into our belly for 30 breaths really is a reset button for us. Meditation can help us fight back against stress; I am really in love with the app Insight Timer. It has a lot of free meditation sessions, ambient music, etc. The road to recovery from Adrenal Fatigue is a long one, but the quality of life that I have now compared to a year ago is so much better. It is worth working with a professional to get you back on the road to health and energy again. Life is too short to feel exhausted all the time.

**If you don’t have a health professional you love working with. I highly recommend Dr. Carmen Jones at Good Tree Natural Health. www.DrCarmenJones.com she has been a life saver for me.

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