Sugar: Friend or Foe?

In the 80’s and 90’s war was declared on Fat. As a nation we learned that fat was killing us and it was our sworn enemy and to be held to the same level of hatred as Suddam Hussein.

Now 30 years later the USDA is scratching their head wondering why are we fatter, why is heart disease still the number 1 killer and now we have a type 2 Diabetes epidemic! They vanquished fat and scared the public in to never eating it again so what is going wrong?

Even though we wanted to be healthier and live longer we refused to give up “good” tasting food. So the food corporations tried to make their food taste good after subtracting the fat out, to do so they had to add sugar. So fat content went down, and sugar content went up…WAY UP! We became less full and hungrier. Which benefits food companies because we have to buy more of their food. So we started snacking more and due to the fact that sugar is an addictive substance eating more and more sugar.

I know, you guys already know all of this and get that processed sugar is bad for us. But what about other forms of sugar? Like Stevia, Xylitol, Splenda/Nutri-Sweet/Pink Packet, Raw Sugar, Honey, Coconut Sugar??? Great Question!!!

Ask 10 different health professionals and they will give you 10 different answers. At this point we aren’t real sure. We do know that sugar is killer to our insulin levels and the constant spiking of it is REALLY hard on our pancreas and liver. Researchers have found that fatty livers are now on the rise and that turns into cirrhosis of the liver. This research study demonstrates the correlation between sugar and addiction. So we know the above things indicate we should try to eliminate as much processed sugar out of our diet as possible.

The other stuff…what about the other forms? These are just my thoughts on them, so take them and research them yourself and see what you conclude.

  • Stevia, it is a plant and I love eating plants! But I hate the taste of Stevia and I don’t love the fact that it is processed to get it to the form we can use to sweeten our stuff. Any time processing is involved then chemicals or heat are involved and that damages the integrity of the cells of the plant and usually means no Bueno for us. So I am not a huge fan of Stevia.
  • A BIG NO on fake sugar stuff like Splenda, blue packet, pink packet! That stuff is made in a chemistry lab and researchers still don’t know the long term side affects of it on us. I will pass on being a human genie pig for those companies.
  • Raw sugar, I don’t know where I stand on it. I know it is way less sweet than processed so then I am inclined to use A LOT of it, kinda defeating the purpose. So I just shy away from it.
  • Coconut Sugar…well I feel the same way about it as I do Stevia.
  • Honey, I am a huge fan! No processing, no chemicals and so many health benefits. It not only sweetens stuff, but it has health benefits too. Now, I say this meaning moderation. We can’t be eating huge spoonful’s throughout the day. Check out some of the awesome health benefits of this golden substance

This nutrition thing is hard, one year it is this, the next something else. Our food has evolved and so has the science behind it. I think we are always safe if we just keep it simple. If the earth grow’s it and we haven’t messed with it, then our body recognizes it. Keep it REAL and Simple!

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