What Makes CrossFit Kairos Different?

CrossFit is different from standard gyms because we offer small group personal training. You are getting paid professionals with years in the health and fitness field expertise doing your programming and daily one on one's in class to make sure you are moving safely.

When you arrive at Kairos, the first thing we do is give you a personalized 1 on 1 consultation with one of our trained fitness experts. Your personal fitness consultation will ask you a series of comprehensive questions designed to assess your level of physical fitness, commitment and any limitations you may have. Then we take you through a FREE workout where additional assessment is done to determine strengths and weaknesses in your posture, mobility and flexibility. Once your fitness assessment is complete, we'll sit down with your to establish  your GOAL and layout your customized success plan. Don't waste another day just exercising, contact us to schedule your consultation (No Sweat Intro) and start moving towards your goal today.

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Our Approach

CrossFit Kairos takes a holistic approach to fitness. This means it is about your health and quality of life.  Not only are you going to be working towards becoming functionally fit with an amazing community, but we also help you understand why it is important to focus on eating real whole foods, guide you to find better ways to deal with stress and life's hurdles to make you mentally strong as well.

We are true CrossFit: High Intensity, Constantly Varied, Functional Movements. Our "WOD's" workout of the days are always different. We believe in variation because no two days in life are the same. So we combine Gymnastics (body weight movements), Olympic weight lifting, Plyometrics, Hypertrophy training, and good old fashioned cardiovascular training. This varied, high intensity approach guarantees results.

Amanda Anderson: Owner, Lead Coach

My name is Amanda Anderson, I live in Ada, OK, with my husband John of over 25 years. We have 4 sons, 2 grown-Kruz and Devon-and 2 younger at home-Ian and Aiven, and we are the happy grandparents of Amelia Mae.

After our first two boys got older, my husband and  I decided to start trying to get back into shape, after years of work and raising kiddos, we had neglected ourselves. So we started lifting weights and I loved it, I've always loved strength and a challenge. I ended up teaching some classes at a local gym and getting a PT Certification. I loved helping people but as a female in a mainly male dominated gym I also noticed the challenges that faced women who didn't want to do just the treadmills and light Dumbbells. I was interested in weights, heavy weights and seeing just  what this body was able to accomplish, and come to find out I wasn't the only one. I created a class with the intent of helping women or men learn to lift weights properly and with confidence. We did HIIT style classes but my focus was to give women the knowledge and capability to, if they wanted, walk into the weight section of any gym and lift like a boss! Everyone deserves the opportunity to seek out fitness and enjoy their gym time without ridicule and criticism or feeling as if they don't belong. Time rocked on, classes were great, but in my own personal journey I still felt I was missing something. Not long after a few of our friends invited us to a Crossfit Competition. I didn't even know what Crossfit was! We went-BOOM-there it was, exactly what I was looking for! These people were all shapes, sizes, ages and weights and they were throwing down! I needed to know this!

And so our journey at Crossfit Kairos began, we signed up and I haven't look back. I loved the challenges, new everyday! I loved the camaraderie that comes with Crossfit, the feeling of community and family and struggle and success! I had the opportunity to be coached by Drew Dibbler and he was and still is an amazing coach. Soon after Kim Owens took me under her wing with an internship program and shortly after that I got my Level 1 Trainer. Then the opportunity to buy the gym was laid in my lap, a dream come true! So here we are, with the privilege and opportunity to help people of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, backgrounds and histories!

I hope to provide a safe, fun and challenging atmosphere for everyone. I plan to continue learning and growing and increasing my knowledge and abilities to be able to provide our gym peeps with all the tools they need to succeed. From stay at home moms with munchkins, or dads, or office workers, oilfield workers, nurses and office admins, we have a program for you and I would love the opportunity to show you!


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Wyatt Sawyers

Wyatt is currently a Junior at East Central University (ECU) majoring in Exercise Science. Wyatt started as an athlete in CrossFit when he was just 15, joining CrossFit Kairos in May of 2014. He has been coaching since August of 2015 and strives to accomplish his goals as an athlete while helping clients reach theirs as well. One goals of Wyatt’s is to reach the CrossFit Regionals in 2020.


  • CrossFit Level 1

Fun Fact: I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hunting.

Drew "Dirk" Dibler

Drew lived in Shawnee until the age of 10 and has lived in Ada ever since. He has always been active in sports (primarily baseball), and began getting into weightlifting and powerlifting in the 8th grade because of football.

After graduating High School, Drew began the search to find a career that he could invest his my heart into. After a few different positions he finally found the career he wanted and became a firefighter. Being in the fire service, he saw that it is paramount to maintain good physical condition so he would be able  to do my job, and be able to respond to any type of call that may come. After being introduced to CrossFit by a friend in the police department Drew started to emerge himself into the CrossFit community and was one of the original coached to start CrossFit Kairos. “I now have around 15 years of experience with a bar in my hand, been coached by some of the best coaches in the game, and now have coached for about six years myself. There is still a wealth of knowledge out there in an ever-evolving fitness world, but we continue to only get better and progress each day!”

Lance Haines

Kairos Junior's Coach (6-13 yrs)

Lance has been a fire fighter for 12 years and began CrossFit around 2010 to better his ability to help him preform optimally as a firefighter. The more CrossFit Lance did as an athlete the more her wanted to be more involved in the community. He went and took the CrossFit Mobility seminar in 2014 and became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer in 2015. Since completing his level 1, he has been coaching and helping every chance he can. “I love this community an look forward to promoting it as much as possible.”


  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Fun Facts: I have a wife and 2 kids, a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. Both of my kids are very active in sports and CrossFit.