Fitter Faster!

We all want it…

Those sexy lean abs, firm booty and chiseled arms. So why do so many of us not have them? For those of us in CrossFit we know it isn’t because we don’t workout hard. We put the time in.

It is our food. That is it, our bodies will be a reflection of the food we eat. Not only does a toned body tell you what that person does/does not eat, but our hair, skin, even our fingernails tell our food story.

What is the story your body tells based on its food?
Is your body flabby and weak? Yes or NO
Is your hair dry and brittle? Yes or No
Is your skin clear of blemishes and shiny? Yes or No
Do you feel tired when you wake up? Yes or No
When you climb a set of stairs are you out of breath? Yes or No

IF you answered Yes to any of these your body is telling you it needs something better. This is how you get fitter faster is by changing the energy you put in your body. So many of us see food as the enemy or a means of comfort, when really it is gasoline for this motor we live in. When we fill our cars with clean gas it runs so well. But when we put gas that has water/trash it in our car smokes, lurches and limps along. Same idea for food and our body. Food is meant to fuel.

So what fuel do I put in to get fitter faster? Real food, food that was grown and picked and food that has wandered around in the fresh air and grass. Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Grass-Fed Meat, Fish, healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil, olives. To quote Ben Bergeron “Eat real food, not too much and mainly vegetables.”

Focus on what you can have and know it is healing the body. Food is fuel.

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