Fat Loss: Scale versus Body Fat % which one tells you the truth?

The household scale has been a part of American’s lives for decades. We use it, our doctors use it, weight loss programs use it to determine how healthy we are. So many of us let that mechanical device dictate to us if we are a successful person or a failure. We hear the words from it “you are good enough, attractive or you are ugly and a loser” either way it defines us. Then the heartbreaking part is…it doesn’t even measure our health in a fully accurate way.

How much of that weight on the scale is fat? Muscle? Bone? Organs/blood? What if you have more muscle than fat? The scale says you are heavier, but yet you are healthier than an individual at the same weight with less muscle. We all know that muscle is denser than fat. If you take 5lbs of muscle and 5lbs of fat and put them side by side the 5lbs of fat will take up more space, while the denser 5lbs of muscle is takes up a much smaller space. Muscle is also a worker for us, it burns calories, moves the body while fat takes up space on the body, is needed to feed the body (but is only necessary in smaller amounts) and in excess causes deteriorating effects on the body.

Why am I talking about this? Because I believe we need to break up with that nasty girl called the scale. She is mean, steals our joy, takes from our sense of accomplishment and robs us of our self-confidence. You know like that mean girl in high school that was so gorgeous and alluring, but mean as hell and made us all feel like little pieces of nothing?

That is why at CrossFit Kairos we don’t do “Weight Loss Challenges” we do Nutrition Challenges. We measure our members Body Fat% each week to see a better picture of their hard work and clean eating. We want to help them loose the excess body fat, lean down and tone up. Create and build the lean, toned bodies they have wanted for years. We focus on good food and support each other every day to eat clean whole food for six weeks! So if you are tired of dieting, tired of letting that mean scale demean you then join us starting October 2-Nov. 10 for our annual CrossFit Kairos Nutrition Challenge. Please feel free to email me with any thoughts or questions you have crossfitkairos@gmail.com

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