Character and a Fulfilled Life

Watching the ground turn white and admiring all the Olympians  perform in the Winter Olympics, I am reminded what adventure and hard work create. Character and a fulfilled life.

Living in Colorado birthed in me a sense of adventure and perseverance. Hiking miles, backpacking in the back country, snowboarding some sick runs, becoming a CrossFitter, and losing everything to a flood and then rebuilding our lives. I cherish all these memories, they defined me. Those adventures exposed my strengths and weaknesses. They showed me who I am and how to value each of life’s experiences because they are all building toward the next thing.

We all have our “next thing” that is life. It continues to change and evolve forward. How are you handling that forward movement? Embracing the change and bending with each curve? Are you struggling, fighting against the changing waters? I ebb and flow between the two. It is hard to not get wrapped up in the future or past, living in that anxiety. The now, that is where peace is at. Honestly, that is all we have. The now prepares us for the “next thing”.

All of you know how much CrossFit has changed me and my life. Thus the reason I became a box owner. My desire was to give this gift of mental and physical strength to all. To empower the weak, lift up the oppressed and give hope to the hopeless. This is what CrossFit gave to me through increasing my mental strength and belief in what I COULD do. I stopped focusing on how I was a victim of my life and started seeing what I was capable of. A lot of people tell me CrossFit is too intense, scary, and hardcore. I shake my head and think, but isn’t that what life is? Life has never taken it easy on me, never gave me a soft toss, never gave me an easy pass. Inside our box I want to push our members to be physically and mentally stronger so when they go outside our walls life is a bit easier.

Working out in a globo gym doing traditional hypertrophy work for an hour and then another hour doing cardio never strengthened me mentally for life. My body was fit, but my mind was not. Like most people I was bored, hating showing up for another monotonous workout that represented my life. Just showing up for work and praying for the weekend. When I gave up that path for CrossFit my perspective changed. I found purpose, friends, a community and myself.

Not all CrossFit boxes are the same, I found a great one when I started and I own a great one. Not because of me, but because of the people that walk into that gym every day. If you are tired and bored with the traditional globo gym experience or have experienced an overcrowded intimidating CrossFit experience we may be a great option for you. Our classes are small and we will keep it this way, no sweaty humans crowded into a room shoulder to shoulder with dangerous form. We have 2-10 people per class; you get the personal attention you deserve. You get personal coaching, nutrition challenges, accountability friends, fun events, and constantly varied programming while also training with 4 highly talented and effective coaches.

Anywhere you go there are cheap gym memberships which provide equipment and space, but require additional money to access their trainers and programs. We offer that all in one for a monthly membership. So no, we are not the cheapest gym in town. We don’t want to be either because we believe in value and the best customer experience. Value is what we offer, not overcrowded classes with little or no personal attention.

Don’t let fear, intimidation, excuses (there are millions of them) hold your life back. Start slaying those dragons’ friends. We all have an expiration date and as of 4:00pm on 2/21/2018 you are one day closer to your expiration. Choose to live empowered.

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