Changing women’s lives through strength training.

Every woman’s demeanor that I have ever worked with began to totally change after lifting weights for a month. They were nervous as we walked over into the free weight area, all the men and heavy objects that were over there was just too much.

All the myths from centuries began flooding their minds…

”Women will get bulky if they lift”

“We are too delicate to do strenuous things” SORRY as if giving birth isn’t f****** strenuous!

“Sweating and smelling isn’t lady like”

“Women are supposed to be petite with flawless skin, perky boobs, tiny waists and silky hair”

“Size 0-4 is the RIGHT size women are supposed to be”

So for years we stay over in the mind numbing cardio area, busting our ass (of course in a ladylike fashion) on the treadmill, ellipticals or stair stepper. Just plugging away despising the bodies we have been cursed with. Then there was me, the angry girl over there fighting her way through the male dominated free weight world. I fucking hated being on the elliptical or treadmill, I had an agenda I was going to get so strong that sexual assault/domestic violence was not going to happen anymore. Not knowing, that wasn’t going to be the answer that freed me, but it was a start (that will be another blog post J.)  I didn’t give a shit whether I was too bulky for this worlds tastes, because it had already betrayed me. The more I lifted the more defined my arms and abs became and my fellow tribe of women started to join me. Together we stood bravely in front of those mirrors asking the dudes beside us if they were done with their set so we could have our dumbbells back.

Then.. CrossFit wonderfully swept into my life! It showed me a world where women were accepted in any shape or size and all that mattered is if she was going to pick that damn bar up and finish that last rep. It showed me strength mattered…why did it matter to me and every woman born into this world? Because my mind became stronger. My body showed me it wasn’t this cursed thing that wouldn’t fit into this image I set for myself, that it was a fucking machine and would blow my mind with everything it could do! I could keep up with the boys in some things; I could take care of myself and didn’t need to depend on another human to open a jar for me.

Those things began to build my self-confidence which in turn built my self-esteem and belief in me. It began to transform my mind. I wasn’t as angry anymore, because I didn’t feel as vulnerable to this world. I felt empowered, for the first time in my life at 33 I felt safe in this world. That is why I believe strength training is so crucial for women, reality is we are the smaller of our species and it causes a deep seeded feeling of vulnerability. This plays so much havoc on our emotional and mental state. We all know the consequences of living a life out of fear, poor choices, heartache, depression, anxiety, unhappiness, and unhealthy emotional co-dependencies. Fear damns us to a life of misery. However, ladies it doesn’t have to be this way. We live only one life, this life, and in the body you own right now. You can have a happy life, a life where you love this machine and where you feel empowered!

My wish is that women across this world would be able to see clearly the magnificent creation our bodies are and find their physical strength in turn being set free from fear through mental strength.

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