3 foods you already love that melt off Fat!

  • Avocados!

Yes, these creamy delicious pieces of yum help us loose fat. They are high in nutritious and satisfying healthy fat. When adding these to any meal it helps us feel fuller faster, thus we eat less. We also don’t crave junk food nearly as bad. Add ½ an avocado to your lunch of healthy veggies and chicken and see how satisfied you feel!


  • Nut Butter’s

So many wonderful options now for us nut lovers. Almond, cashew, hazelnut and old fashioned peanut butter. Pairing one of these with carrot sticks or  an apple or simply in a healthy protein shake helps keep our blood sugar level in a normal range instead of spiking. So we feel fuller longer and feel more energized. Using nut butters, usually 1 tbsp, with a snack typically helps us eat smaller meals. It also helps us stay more focused and avoid that afternoon slump. I typically recommend Almond or Cashew butter since a lot of ppl struggle with the Saponins and Phytic Acid in legumes (peanuts).


  • Leaf Lettuce

Most of us hate Iceburg lettuce, you know that stuff they call salad. Yuck, it taste like ice and cardboard had a baby. However, Romaine lettuce and Butter/Bib lettuce actually taste pretty good. How can they help me melt fat, do you ask? No, I am not going to say eat salad every meal. Who wants to do that, not this girl! Use it in place of bread. Sandwiches, hamburgers, tacos use the bigger leaf lettuce as the mode of transportation and you save a ton of calories! As a bonus you actually can taste the food rather than that chemically bun covering the delicious insides.

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