23 & Me’s new ad, nailed it!

I LOVE 23&Me new ad! The one about what if you got a brand new car and it was the only car you got for your entire life. You would baby it, take care of it, and protect it. Then they go on to say that we get one body and one mind, what we do today with them effects them in our future. Nailed it!

I am a spiritual person, not a religious person per say. I have always known that we are body, soul and mind three different entities all dependent on each other. The body relies on our mind to give it what it needs to work properly. I had this feeling that is was my responsibly to be the care taker of this body. My brain had to make good choices to feed the proper fuel to my body and in return my body would take me places I wanted to go and would allow me to do the active things I love doing.

Seeing myself in this way changed how I viewed food and my body image. Food was no longer something I deserved or a treat, it became is this good fuel or bad fuel? Am I putting 100% gasoline in the engine or am I putting that watered down gas in here? It will still function, but in two different ways.

In regards to body image…well I stopped seeing my body as a sex symbol a means for others to like me, value me or want me. It is my body, it is my means to travel this earth, chase my niece, compete in sports, surf the ocean, laugh with friends and hug the ones I love. It helps me travel through this life. With this new perspective I began to love this body no matter how it compared to others. It was a machine and I plan on running it full steam ahead until they put it in the ground. Grateful for the many years it gave me, the miles we traveled, the competitions we competed in, the warm embraces and the love we got to make. I am privileged, I got a body in which all my limbs work and are present. I am grateful.

You get one vehicle to make the circles around the sun, how will you invest in it well?

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